S.I. Aggression

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Album: Into The Ground (2007)

Song: Fight Back

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Standard Issue Aggression is a four piece punk rock band from Fontana, California. We formed in December 2002 and have been chuggin' along ever since. At the beginning we were a five piece with two guitars, drums, bass, & vocals, but we've lost members along the way.

We have played only 20 shows in our 3 years of existance. We're planning to head out on tour Summer of 06, with 2 more bands. We're also planning to release on our own record label, Burning Flag Records.

I think the current line-up is the best we've ever had, and hopefully well be able to bring our influences together and make some good music. With 1 demo release entitled 'What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?' under our belts, we're planning a new E.P. set for April 2006.

We're heading for the future trying to spread the word of a better world, criticizing the world we call home. It won't change the world.... but its a start.